Lichtenberg Birth Story

With permission from the family I would like to share this birth story with you all.

This is my most recent birth with the Lichtenberg family. I was both their Doula & birth photographer. Gabby was truly a phenomenal woman during this entire process. I am still overcome with pure pride when I think about this birth. I arrived at their home at approximately 9:04am after receiving a text early morning that Gabby was having constant contractions. I suggested that we take a walk around the neighborhood after a cup of tea. We went on a walk & 10 mins into the walk the contractions were getting longer & stronger. We got back to the house around 10am & Gabby bounced on her birth ball for a bit while Adam called the midwives to let them know we were coming in. We arrived at the Burdett Birth Center in Troy around 10:45am. The normal check in occurred. Blood pressure check, lots of questions etc. Once the formalities were done Gabby was checked around 11:20am for dilation & she was almost 4cm dilated, 80% effaced & baby was at a -2 station. Shortly after we got a room of course. Gabby got right to work & Baby Mattox was working right along with her. The goal was to have an unmedicated water birth so movement & hydration was key. Gabby walked, used the birth ball, did some forward leaning inversions in bed, slow danced with her husband, took a shower & sat on the toilet (also known as the Dilation Station). She stayed hydrated with water, gatorade & coconut water. Labor was persistent & was progressing so well. Gabby took time to be alone in the shower & handled some big contractions all on her own. Sometimes all you need is yourself. After that alone time she was able to let her husband & I know exactly what she needed. In between movements & contractions she got a few naps in. The hours seemed to be flying by. As the contractions got bigger so did the pain. A nurse & I suggested sitting backwards on the toilet for some relief. We got a reluctant yes from Gabby. Soon after Gabby sat backwards on the toilet she began to grunt around 5pm & it was a sign to the medical team in the room that maybe they should check her to see where she was at. To everyone's surprise & absolute delight she was fully dilated & ready to push this little guy out. Let me tell ya'll...Gabby was handling these contractions like a pro. The nurse came in the room with a big backpack that housed the birthing pool & they set the pool up in a matter of 15 minutes. Gabby entered the pool & got instant relief. It was like someone had given her an epidural! Water was her medicine & it was the only thing she had been asking for all day. "When can I get in the pool?" She got in the pool and swayed from side to side with a beautiful smile on her face. At this point the midwives, nurse & baby nurse were there patiently waiting for this baby. Erykah Badu was quietly playing on the bluetooth speaker & there was nothing but calmness in that room. Gabby was telling jokes in between pushing which just added belly laughs & joy to the room. Gabby was able to listen to her body & push at her own pace. Every now & again she would reach down to feel the top of Baby Mattox's head. After a couple of pushes she said " I feel his head & I'm gunna crown on the next push." She was 100% correct. She gave another push & we could see the top of his little head start to crown. Gabby sat for a moment to catch her breath & tell another joke hahaha. Then she let out two of the most magnificent roars & out came Mattox's head. One more push & then came his shoulders. Gabby reached down, pulled him up onto her belly & he let out a raspy cry to let us know that he has arrived. Baby Mattox was born on July 30th, 2022 at 6:40pm. Weighing 7 pounds 6oz & measuring 20 inches long.

Thank you both for letting me be apart of your birth story.