Victoria Family

With permission from the family I'd like to share the Victoria Family's birth story.

On August 5th Desiree texted our Doula group chat to let us (Doula Ashley Whiteside & myself) know that her mucus plug came out around 7pm & her water may have broken. Around 8:09pm contractions were sporadic lasting 20-30 seconds each. After 12 hours of laboring at home Desiree & Terron went into the hospital to be checked. Turns out her water hadn't broken yet & she was experiencing prodromal labor. Prodromal labor is a type of false labor that feels real & typically happens before actual labor. So of course they were sent home to rest & wait for true labor to begin. I paid them a visit the next day to do some Miles Circuit exercises because at this point Des was tired of waiting for her baby boy haha.

After a few more days of prodromal labor & exercising I got a call on August 8th at 1am. Contractions were constant & were 11 minutes a part. Her pain level was about 3-4 at that time. I suggested that she try & get some rest so her body can do its job. I remember getting a full night of rest after that call so I figured true labor hadn't begun yet. Eight days fly by & on August 14th Desiree's water finally broke on its own. How kind of this baby to let everyone sleep through the night I thought. We arrive at St Peters Hospital between 6:15am-6:45am. I was able to stop at Starbucks & get everyone some fuel for the labor ahead. When I walked into the room both Terron & Des were in good spirits. Terron was the most attentive & intuitive husband. Holding her hand, whispering words of encouragement in her ear, forehead kisses etc. I set the room with intentions, essential oils & affirmations as we waited for the midwife to come and do a check. Around 7:30m the midwife came in for a check & Des was 3cm, 90% effaced & baby was at a -2 station. This is amazing progress & we think it'll be a few hours before anything big happens. So Des continues to labor with the plan to get an epidural when the pain becomes unbearable.

Less then an hour later at 8:13am Des feels an urge to push so I called a nurse & we asked for another check. To our surprise Des is now 7cm dilated & baby has moved down to station 0. Rapid labor is what Des was experiencing & I was shocked at how well she was handling the pain since she was adamant on getting an epidural. As she begins to request an epidural we find out the anesthesiologist is in the OR & won't be available for at LEAST an hour. So at this point it's not likely that she'll be getting one. She opted to do nitrous to help ease her pain. Between 8:13am & 8:40am Des went from 7cm to fully dilated with the urge to push. The epidural was not an option since the anesthesiologist was still in the operating room & she was going to have an accidental unmedicated birth. She was maintaining a great breathing pattern with the nitrous & hubby was right next her with love & encouraging words. at 8:47am Des dug deep & started to push. Within ten minutes of pushing Baby Ace was born. I stood next to Des as Terron held their baby boy & she looked at me with the purest eyes & said "Jayana there is really nothing like having a baby with the man you love". There was nothing but intention in that room. An insurmountable level of joy & gratitude washed over me. It was a complete honor to help my friends bring their little boy Earthside. Ace Antonio was born quickly on August 14th, 2022. Weighing 7lbs & 10oz. The sweetest little boy ever. You are so loved by so many people already.

Thank you both for letting me be part of your birth story.