Hedgepeth Birth Story

With permission from the family I would like to share this birth story with you all.

Back in January 2022 Jenn reached out & asked me to be her birth photographer. We hopped on the phone & Jenn wanted to make sure she would be in safe hands being in such a vulnerable state. I assured her that she would be safe with me. It is my purpose to hold & respect the space for those that choose to bring little humans into this world. Months went by & I checked back in with Jenn around April to see how she was doing. She was still very much pregnant & her little guy wasn't quite ready to meet everyone.

May 13th rolled around & I got a morning update about her mucus plug coming out. I thanked Jenn for the update & continued my day waiting for the text to let me know that she was in active labor.

Around 3:19pm I got that text saying that I should probably hurry up if I wanted to make the birth. I got there in 15 minutes with time to spare. When I arrived Jenn was in the pool laboring beautifully. I pulled out my camera and got right to work. We all waited patiently & quietly as Jenn powered through her contractions. Within one hour of my arrival Jenn began to push. Not long after Baby Tyrie was born on May 13th, 2022. Surrounded by love & greeted with smiles from his parents & big brothers.

Thank you both for letting me be part of your birth story.